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Please join us JUNE 4, 2016 for drinks and hors d'oeuvres at Westside Clinic to celebrate the release of Dr.R.'s long awaited book - The Twelve Elixirs - A Handbook of Natural Health Care. Books will be available for purchase for $30.99, and Dr.R. will be there to sign your copy!

Written for the layperson, this 528 page book is now available at Amazon, Balboa Press, and, beginning May 16 - at the clinic. Please call me at Westside to order your copies!

Hannah 952-935-9360



At Westside, we believe  in  a natural approach to health maintenance, disease prevention, and the treatment of disease. 

The body is designed to heal itself, PROVIDED its functions are not interfered with, and it is given what it needs to do the job. Reaching optimal health is possible. Achieving optimal health with due respect to each individual's circumstances and with respect to the short and long term effects of our actions upon ourselves, our children, and our planet, is our goal.

Westside has served its patients as a wholistic health clinic since 1983. The following are some of the services we offer. 


Applied Kinesiology    



Functional Medicine  

Herbal Medicines 



Whole Food Supplements

Self Help Coaching

Food Preparation


Education is key for the prevention and treatment of injury and disease. Click on 'Seminars' to view some of the class and retreat topics available.

Consider the following:

The lives of long lived people of our age are characterized by the following:

- they take few or no pharmaceutical drugs

- they eat moderately

- they live a physically active life

- they have strong social connections

- they eat real food (few or no snack/junk foods)

- they were breast fed as infants 

- they are physically fit with good posture

One should also note that our current centenarians were born and spent their first years in a world where (with few exceptions) the air, water and earth were far less polluted. The soil was more fertile  - imparting more nutrition into the food grown on it. They physically worked much harder but they also spent more time playing and ate a much more varied diet!

When redesigning your life to be healthier please consider :

In other words, one's life should be in balance with the geography and climate wherein one lives. The food and medicines, ideally, are those of one's ancestors and should be combined with local indigenous foods and medicines.  Finally, the lifestyle should be appropriate to one's age and gender. (Women, men,  infants,  prepubescent children, adolescents,  young adults, menstruating - pregnant -and nursing women,  middle aged adults, old folks etc. each have different requirements under which they  flourish best.)

In making changes always be sure to first get the basics down:

1. Fresh air

2. Pure water

3.  Quality food

4.  Daily exercise   

5.  A life of purpose

We Recommend that you:


We Also Recommend that you:

Don't  know where to start?

*All content of this website is for historical and educational purposes only. If you have a health problem see a qualified health care provider. It is assumed that if you utilize any of the recommendations presented herein that you do so with a basic modicum of common sense and that you agree to take full responsibility for your actions.